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Everytime you have a party, everytime you have a drink with friends you have someone asking for a trick since your super friends sells you as « the craziest magician you‘ve ever seen »...

Now with ABRA, you will be able to perform a super quick and visual effect anytime, anywhere that takes a small place inside of your wallet.

The plot is simple : take off a red and a blue folded cards from your wallet and perform the most visual and easy transposition inside of your spectator’s hands.

What’s new here?

Well, ABRA is 100% clean from begining to end and you can give everything for examination without any switch.

The cleverly made gimmick allows you to get a blue to red change OR a red to blue change. No need to select!

Almost no angle restrictions. You can show both sides of the folded card the color changes in a blink of an eye.


So don’t wait anymore and grab your ABRA to get a pocket miracle that will blow your audience’s mind !