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Q - Are the gimmicks handmade?

A - Yes, all the gimmicks are handmade by Jordan himself. If not, it will be mentioned on the product's page.


Q - Are the tricks easy to do?

A - Yes! For each product, Jordan tried to put easy and advanced routines. Whether you are beginner or confirmed, you'll be able to use all of our products.


Q - Can you do free shipping?

A - We do. Shipping are 100% FREE WORLDWIDE on all orders. 


Q - Do you provide tracking number?

A - Yes. No matter where you from, you'll receive an e-mail with a tracking number to follow your package from our warehouse to your door.


Q - What are the delay for the shipping?

A - France : around 2-3 days (excluding week-end and public holidays)

     Europe : around 4-5 days (excluding week-end and public holidays)

     Rest of the world : around 7-8 days (excluding week-end and public holidays)

For some counties it can take a few days more. We can't confirm these delay. These are estimated delay of our carrier.