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JVSE Collection (12 products)

JVSE Collection (12 products)

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Here you can have the chance to get the entire collection of the "Jordan Victoria Signature Serie" with a special discount and the insurance to get your hands on each release before they sold out! 

We remind you that each release of the JVSE has a limited amount of units. Once they're gone, they're gone! So this option is your way to reserve one of the units every month and to be sure to get the 12 products at the end of the year!

By getting this option, you'll receive every month of 2020 your package including the product of the month.

(Value of the collection : 330€/350€)


Here are the trailers of the effects we already released :

I - MELTY (Jan, 2020)


II - TRANSFERT (Feb, 2020)


III - ROBOTIC (Mar, 2020)


IV - MASK (Apr, 2020)