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SPLIT CARDS (colored edition)
SPLIT CARDS (colored edition)

SPLIT CARDS (colored edition)

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Many people asked me for "special" SPLIT CARDS like Phoenix, Tally-Ho, Bee and even more... I was wondering about which cards are the most simple to link to classic Rider backs and... Colored Rider back seems to be the perfect match!

In each pack you will get 15 SPLIT CARDS of the selected color.

We use 5 different colors (new colors coming in 2020) :

  • GREEN (x15)
  • ORANGE (x15)
  • FUSHIA (x15)
  • YELLOW (x15)
  • TURQUOISE (x15)
  • MIX ( 3 of each)

A playing card is made out of 3 layers (face, glue and back). We provide only one of those 3. The one you chose will be the THIN layer.

You'll be able to make your own gaff under a few seconds!

All packs comes with the original videos for the SPLIT CARDS including 5 effects using them.

So... CUT them, TEAR them, GLUE them,.... and make your gimmick come to life!